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The new Law of Arbitration in Spain:
The recently passed 60/2003 law increases the power of the arbitration system of dispute resolution. This legal instrument, which enables the solution of disputes without the intervention of courts or tribunals, has not only been updated, but also given more power in order to increase its effectiveness as an alternative in dispute resolutions in the world of business, which it is especially addressed to.

Simplified Regime of accountancy:
By the 296/2004 Royal decree, from February 20, the simplified Regime of Accountancy is accepted.

(BOE, February 27) What is the simplified regime of accountancy?
The simplified regime of accountancy allows accountable subjects who fulfil all requirements for this purpose to choose between the use of:
- the simplified Daybook model
- the simplified Annual Statement and simplified register standards models
Ink any case, the PGC and the other commercial legal regulations of development over accounting matters shall be applied, without affecting what is provided for in the 296/2004 Royal decree with regard to the simplified Annual Statement and simplified assessment regulations.

Important changes in career training:
The new 1046/2003 Royal decree regulates in a more agile and coordinated way the different initiatives in career training, its operating and financing. The objective of occupational training is to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and practice throughout their careers so that they will meet the needs of the company at all times, as well as to make their higher competitivity more compatible with the improvement of the worker’s professional qualification and individual promotion.
Through the participation in training actions, career training will benefit, amongst others, those salaried workers who are employed in private firms or public companies and contribute to National Insurance by way of career training. Discontinuous full-time workers will also be allowed to take part in non-occupational periods.